Class Schedule  

Colleton County High School


May 22 Regular SCHEDULE

May 23 Regular SCHEDULE 

May 24 Regular SCHEDULE

May 25 Regular SCHEDULE

May 26 Regular SCHEDULE

Graduation Practice all seniors will report to the PAC by1 PM.  Teachers with fourth period planning will cover senior advisors' classes, who have underclassmen, for the remainder of fourth block (please make prior arrangements for coverage--notify attendance if you move students to another classroom).  Remaining underclassmen students will report to advisory at 1:38 PM for fifth block.

May 27 Graduation at 9 AM, Cougar Stadium


May 29 School Closed for Memorial Day

May 30 Exam SCHEDULE (EOC English 1/Exams 1 & 2/Academy 1,2,3)

May 31 Exam SCHEDULE (EOC Algebra 1/Exams 4 & 5/Academy 4,5,6)

June 1 Early Dismissal

June 2 Early Dismissal (Last day for Students/181-day Employees)


June 5 District Staff Development (Last day for 185-day Employees)

June 6 Teacher Workday (Last day for Teachers)

June 7

June 8 

June 9 (Last day for 195-day Employees)


June 12

June 13

June 14 (Last day for 200-day Employees)

June 15

June 16


June 19 (Last day for 210-day Employees)

June 21 (Last day for 215-day Employees)

June 28 (Last day for 225-day Employees)

June 30 (Last day for 230/240-day Employees)