School Hours
School Hours
Take In Time:
8:00 AM
Dismissal Time:
3:20 PM
Main Telephone Line:

Dr  Melissa  Crosby
843-782-0031 ext 53109
After School Care
Student drop off and pickup area is located in front of the gym area. Pick up or drop off in any undesignated area will result in disciplinary action. Students may not be dropped off before 7:15 AM. All students must be off campus by 4 PM unless they are a part of an after-school activity. Students are to be picked up in the student pickup area near the gym. Students involved in after-school activities must report immediately to their location and should be picked up immediately at the conclusion of the activity. Students who are found to be loitering will face disciplinary action.
Additional Notes
Office hours are from 8 am until 3:30 pm. Doors automatically lock at 4 pm. After hours meetings will be by appointment only.