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Rules and Procedures  
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I.                   Coming to class

A.    Everyone needs to be in class and in their seat when the bell rings

B.    Put your bookbags on the shelf on the side of the room

1.     Everything you will need for the day will be written on the board above the shelf in black.  Read that list get out those things (and only those things!) and head to your seat

C.    Bellwork will be posted on the Smartboard

1.     Get a slip of paper from the basket near the door and answer the question.  I will collect them after taking attendance

II.                During class

A.    If you have a question, relevant comment, or suggestion, you need to raise your hand and wait to be called on before you speak

B.    Sharpening of pencils needs to be done at the beginning of class

1.     Things break.  If you need to do things like sharpen a pencil, get more paper, etc. just hold it up and I will say yes OR no.  Either way, that is the answer

C.    To go to the restroom, raise your hand and make an R in sign language

1.     I will say yes OR no.  Either way, that is the answer

D.   When someone else is speaking, whether it is me, another student, the PA system, etc, they will have your undivided attention.

E.    When we use the CPS System (Clickers), I will call your number and you will come get your/give back your clicker.

1.     Getting up too early or too late means you wait until the end

2.     Those students who do not make 80% on their quiz will write a full page summary of the week’s lessons as a re-test


III.             Leaving class

A.    At or near the end of the period I will allow everyone to get their things from the shelf

1.     the more time you waste in class, the less time you have to pack up and talk

B.    Everyone picks up their trash around and on their desks

C.    When the bell rings, everyone must be seated before I will let anyone go

IV.             Misc.

A.    All papers, bellwork, classwork, etc. will be passed over toward the window

B.    All papers, bellwork, classwork, etc. must have

1.     Full name

2.     Date

3.     Period

C.    Everyone should keep their hands, arms, feet, legs, and all other body parts to themselves

D.   Any late work will be accepted until exactly one (1) week before the end of the quarter.  The highest grade possible will be a 70%.  It will be graded at the end.

E.    This is the only warning you will get in reference to any electronic devices.  DO NOT use them in my classroom.  I do not care what other teachers say or do when you use them.  I do not care what major emergency you think you have. They will not be used in this room.  If I see you texting, listening, checking, etc., I am going to write a referral.  I have a phone and I do not use it during class.  Same for you.

F.     Any other situation that arises will be dealt with by me and if often enough can get its own rule


Course Description

            This course is designed to meet the standards established by the South Carolina Department of Education. We             will be covering many important events, people, places, and ideas from around the world. Our study will focus             on the people and events that shaped the global community that we live in today.


          Grades are earned and not given. You are responsible for any late or missing work. All of the assignments will              be listed on my school website and the documents are there to be downloaded and completed by the due                    date. Homework is worth 20% of your grade.

Tests, Quizzes, and Other Major Assignments

          The grading scale for tests, quizzes, and other major assignments will be based upon Colleton County High                   School’s standard grading scale. Tests are worth 50% and quizzes are worth 30%. Rubrics and grading                       breakdowns will be provided for any and all writing assignments on a case to case basis.

            Students are required by state law to take a test on the World History worth twenty percent of the student’s             final grade.

Absentee and Missing Days

          Any time you miss class check with me either before or after class the first day you are back. Any handouts or             worksheets used in class will be available online. An extension will be given for any missed work equal to the               number of days missed. All homework assignments will be posted and made available on my website.

Late to Class

          Don’t be late! You will be considered late if you are not sitting in your assigned seat when the bell rings. All                 school policies regarding tardiness will be enforced in this classroom.

What You Need For Class

·        A pen or pencil

·        Paper in notebook or a three ring binder

·        Your textbook everyday

·        Your attention and focus


Classroom Rules and Procedures

·        Be nice

·        One speaker at a time

·        Be prepared

·        Follow directions first time given


All other rules and procedures will be addressed at the beginning of the course.

Methods of Instruction

  • Students will take notes in a teacher lead multimedia-based lecture format. Students will be expected to actively participate by answering and asking questions throughout the lecture.
  • Students will complete various daily assignments and group activities based on their lecture notes, textbook readings, and primary documents.
  • During each unit students will take part in technology based lessons utilizing the student’s technological and computer skills. Students will be expected to maintain a working e-mail account for in-school use and collaborative projects.

Things That Will Help You in This Class

·        Always be respectful of your peers. You never know who you might have to work with.

·        Do your best to get a good night’s sleep.

·        Read the textbook.

·        Give answers even if you are not sure. “I don’t know” is always wrong!

·        Remember that your success lies in your own hands.

·        Ask questions! Chances are you’re not the only person who wants do know.

Consequences of Student Behavior

  1. Teacher Warning
  2. Demerit and loss of participation points
  3. Contact with parent or guardian
  4. Conference involving guardian, teacher, and Principal.

Study Opportunities

          Any student who would like or may require additional support outside of the classroom may contact me.

Extra Credit Opportunities

            If you complete your work to the best of your ability and put forth effort in and out of the classroom then extra             credit will not be necessary.